Permit and Parks Canada Information

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Permit and Parks Canada Information

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:07 am

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your payment of $264.60
Cancellations made 14 days or more before the trip start date are eligible for refund.

Your Backcountry Camping Permit for the Broken Group Islands is attached. This permit is in two parts.  

The first part is your copy of your permit details and should be available to present, when requested during your stay in the Broken Group Islands, either in paper format or electronically.

The second part provides safety information as well as some helpful information on guidelines for camping in the backcountry. Please take the time to go over this information.

On behalf of Tseshaht First Nation and Parks Canada, the Tseshaht Beach Keepers provide a Welcome and Orientation to the Broken Group Islands that includes backcountry etiquette, campsite guidelines, weather & tides, safety considerations, and regulations specific to the Broken Group Islands.  These orientations are held at the campsites at:
Hand Island – every Monday at 2:00PM
Gibraltar Island - every Tuesday at 4:00PM
Clarke Island - every Friday at 6:00PM
Dodd Island – every Sunday at 6:00PM

For more information, please contact the Tseshaht Beach Keepers at (250)-266-0620

Camping in the Broken Group Islands is on a first come-first serve basis.  Although you have indicated on your permit your intended trip plan, this is not a guarantee of space at a campsite.  We recommend finding a campsite earlier in the day in case the weather changes and to avoid crowded campsites. The quietest campsites would be Turret and Gilbert.

The campsites are indicated on the marine charts #3670 and #3671. You may obtain a chart from a local marine store or you may order one online from the Department of Fisheries and Ocean website (see attached guide for contact information).

There is no fishing for any fish in the RCA which is most but not all of the BGI. Please follow this RCA link for more information on Fishing:

You will find attached the Preparation Guide for the Islands. Please take the time to review it as it contains useful information to help you plan your trip. You will also find the link to our website and the link to the brochure “You are in Bear and Wolf country”. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. (website)  (You are in Wolf and Cougar country brochure)
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